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Spreadtrum Announces the SC9861G-IA, a 14nm Intel Atom 8 Core SoC with Cat 7 LTE Capabilities

Intel did not have the best luck when it came to the mobile chip industry and at times it was thought the company was backing out entirely. This ended up not being the case, but it is fair to say that Intel couldn’t make an impact in the market the way they had originally wanted to. This was largely due to the issues they were having with their modems, but the company has been making a lot of progress that makes some people feel they could get back into the game…

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LG is Being Sued Over LG G4 and LG V10 Bootloop Issues

It wasn’t that long ago when a class-action lawsuit was filed against Motorola because they weren’t honoring their warranties. Earlier this week, it was announced that a new class-action lawsuit was filed against LG over the infamous bootloop issues they’ve been having. We’ve talked about this issue here on XDA a few times in the past since it’s become a popular topic of discussion each time a new LG device is released. Even LG themselves acknowledged the issue, confirming it was a hardware defect. The company promised to fix all…

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Chrome for Android to be Updated with WebGL 2.0 Soon

The WebGL JavaScript API makes it possible to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics on websites and it’s becoming more and more popular these days. In version 56 of Chrome for Windows, macOS, and Linux, those with modern graphics hardware can now take advantage of WebGL 2.0. This is a major upgrade to the API that enables the possibility of websites to display a variety of new graphics features, as well as some advanced rendering techniques. Google recently updated Chrome for the desktop for version 57 though, so if Chrome is your desktop browser of choice…

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